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How to select valve?

Valve Selection Guide
Posted on March 10, 2013

How to Select Valve for best performance in a pipe line?
If, you are searching for the selection of best valve to suit your process pipe line and flow media. We provided here our level best solution to select proper valve to match with your application. Selection chart is useful to choose a best valve for better performance, long life, maintenance free and trouble free opertaion cycle.

Valve Selection Guideline Table Chart
Application Types of Valves
Ball Butterfly Gate  Globe Plug Swing Check
  Contimation Free G F G G G P
  Corrosive Fluids G P F - G F P - G P
  Cryogenic Fluids G P P G P P
Gases G G G G G G
  High Flow G G G G G G
  High Pressure Drop P P F - G G F P
  High Pressure G P P G P P
  High Temperature F - G  F - G G G F - G G
  Leak Tight G F G G F P
  Light Weight G G F - G P G G
  Liquids G G G G G G
  Low Pressure Drop G G G P G G
  Low Cost F - G G F - G F G G
  Low Flow Control G G P G G G
  Physical Size G G P P G G
  Rapid Opening G G P F - P G G
  Seat Erosion Reistance F P P G F P
  Slurries F - G F - P P P F - G P
  Steam Service G P P - F G P P
  Throttling P F - P P G P P
  Vibration Free F P P G G P
P POOR  Not Recommended
F FAIR  Better Choices Available
G GOOD  Recommended For Use In Normal Condition

      *** CONTACT Factory with your detail application for best option.



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